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García X, Gijón EGen Pharmacol 1988 19:829-33Abstract 1. Actively sensitized guinea pig intestine responds, typically, with a large contraction to th...
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Song CS, Yu JH, Bai DH, Hester PY, Kim KHJ Immunol 1985 Nov 135:3354-9Abstract Simple methods for the generation, purification, and assay of antibodi...
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 Das C, Shearer WT, Langone JJRes Commun Chem Pathol Pharmacol 1986 Jan 51:117-28Abstract Soluble complexes prepared over a range of molar ratio...
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Larsson A, Sjöquist JJ Immunol Methods 1988 Apr 108:205-8Abstract 19 rheumatoid factor (RF)-positive sera (Waaler-Rose test) and ten control sera wer...
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Hassl A, Aspöck H, Flamm HZentralbl Bakteriol Mikrobiol Hyg [A] 1987 Dec 267:247-53Abstract Eggs from immunized hens were used as a source of yolk an...
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Langone JJ, Das C, Mainwaring R, Shearer WTMol Cell Biochem 1985 Jan 65:159-70Abstract Protein A of Staphylococcus aureus is an Fc receptor for IgG t...
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Larsson A, Jonsson L, Sjöquist JJ Immunol Methods 1988 Oct 113:93-9Abstract The present study reports on an anti-human C1q and an anti-human C3 micro...
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Gottstein B, Hemmeler EZ Parasitenkd 1985 71:273-6NO ABSTRACT AVAILABLE
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Polson A, Maass R, van der Merwe KJImmunol Invest 1989 Aug 18:853-77Abstract Contrary to expectation chickens did not readily elicit antibodies to Ig...
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Hädge D, Ambrosius HDev Comp Immunol 10:377-85Abstract There are close antigenic relations between the turkey IgY--the dominant 7S Ig of serum--and t...
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Burger D, Schleuning WD, Schapira MJ Biol Chem 1986 Jan 261:324-7Abstract Prekallikrein was purified from human plasma with a final yield of 76% usin...
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Oppliger IR, Nardella FA, Stone GC, Mannik MJ Exp Med 1987 Sep 166:702-10Abstract The binding specificity of rheumatoid factors (RFs) to human Fc res...
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Polson A, Coetzer T, Kruger J, von Maltzahn E, van der Merwe KJImmunol Invest 1985 Aug 14:323-7NO ABSTRACT AVAILABLE
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Clerc, MF, Granato, DA and M. Horisberger, (1988) Histochemistry 89:343-9.Nestlé Research Centre, Nestec Ltd, Lausanne, Switzerland.AbstractImmunocyto...
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Summerfield JA, Taylor MEBiochim Biophys Acta 1986 Sep 883:197-206Abstract Human serum contains lectins which inhibit the uptake of mannose- and N-ac...
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Larsson A, Sjöquist JJ Clin Microbiol (1989)  27:2856-7Abstract A latex agglutination assay for the detection of protein A-secreting Staphylococ...
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 Hassl A, Aspöck HJ Immunol Methods 1988 Jun 110:225-8Abstract A two-step chromatographic procedure was developed for the isolation and purifica...
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Prehu MO, Prehu C, Calvin MC, Rosa RComp Biochem Physiol B 1988 89:257-62Abstract 1. Treatment of purified rabbit phosphoglyceromutase (M type) with ...
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Saks VA, Khuchua ZA, Kuznetsov AVBiochim Biophys Acta 1987 Apr 891:138-44Abstract Mitochondrial creatine kinase was purified from rat hearts and used...
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Polson A, Maass RImmunol Invest 1989 Jul 18:797-815Abstract Precipitin reactions were conducted in the wells of micro titer plates and the light "abs...
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Rowland GF, Engelbrecht DJ, Pool EJ, Schmollgruber EC, Thompson GJ, van der Merwe KJJ Virol Methods 1989 Sep 25:259-69Abstract An ELISA test system f...
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Katz D, Lehrer S, Kohn AJ Virol Methods 1985 Oct 12:59-70Abstract A new rapid indirect solid phase radioimmunoassay was developed for the detection o...
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Posted by on in 1985-1989
Hädge DAllerg Immunol (Leipz) 1985 31:231-43Abstract Review. All vertebrates, so far tested, possess immunoglobulins of IgM class similar to the IgM ...
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