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Neu N, Hála K, Wick GImmunogenetics 1984 19:269-77Abstract Using an indirect hemagglutination assay we tested sera from 94 healthy normal White Legho...
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Putnam, F.W., Takahashi, N., Tetaert, D., Debuire, B. and Lin, C., 1980, Amino acid sequence of the first constant region of the delta heavy chain of ...
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Carroll SB, Stollar BD J Biol Chem 1983 Jan 258:24-6 Abstract Polyclonal antibodies to calf thymus RNA polymerase II were raised in laying hens. Up...
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Polson A, von Wechmar MB, Fazakerley GImmunol Commun 1980 9:495-514Abstract Immunoglobulins IgY, extracted from yolks of hens immunized against sever...
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Asaka M, Nagase K, Alpert EIsozymes Curr Top Biol Med Res 1983 11:183-95Abstract Radioimmunoassays specific for ALD isozymes were developed for the q...
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Ellwart-Tschürtz M, Kurth RJ Virol 1981 Sep 39:950-3Abstract The avian sarcoma virus (ASV)-coded transforming protein pp60src was originally detected...
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Altschuh D, Hennache G, Van Regenmortel MHJ Immunol Methods 1984 Apr 69:1-7Abstract A method of rocket immunoelectrophoresis based on the use of avia...
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Jensenius JC, Andersen I, Hau J, Crone M, Koch C., 1981.  J Immunol Methods. 46:63-8. AbstractEggs from immunized chickens may provide a conveni...
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Hädge D, Ambrosius HMol Immunol 1983 Jun 20:597-606Abstract Studies on comparison of antigenic relationships between the immunoglobulin of chicken bi...
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Hädge D, Ambrosius HMol Immunol 1984 Aug 21:699-707Abstract Radioimmunochemical studies on the comparison of the immunological cross-reactivity betwe...
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Hädge D, Fiebig H, Ambrosius HDev Comp Immunol 4:501-13 recognized by anti-F(ab')2 antibodies.NO ABSTRACT AVAILABLE
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Hädge D, Fiebig H, Puskas E, Ambrosius HDev Comp Immunol 4:725-36NO ABSTRACT AVAILABLE
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Asaka M, Alpert EOncodev Biol Med 1983 4:187-95Abstract A radioimmunoassay was developed for the direct quantification of aldolase B in human serum a...
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Bellido C, Guerra F, Aguilar R, Sánchez-Guijo P, Garrido FRev Esp Fisiol 1981 Jun 37:127-34Abstract Two different techniques to measure immunocomplex...
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Ikuta K, Nishi Y, Kato S, Hirai KVirology 1981 Oct 114:277-81NO ABSTRACT AVAILABLE
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Polson A, von Wechmar MB, van Regenmortel MHImmunol Commun 1980 9:475-93Abstract Antibodies were isolated from the yolks of hens that were immunized ...
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Liu, FT, Bohn, JW, Ferry, EL, Yamamoto, H,   Molinaro, CA,  Sherman, LA, Klinman, NR and DH Katz (1980)The Journal of Immunology 124: 2...
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Chanh TC, Chen CL, Cooper MDJ Immunol 1982 Dec 129:2541-7Abstract We have prepared mouse monoclonal antibodies against idiotypic (Id) determinants on...
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Polson A, Gelderblom D, van der Merwe KJPrep Biochem 1983 13:137-59Abstract The H tube electrophoresis technique was used for isolating human IgG by ...
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Posted by on in 1980-1984
Asaka M, Nagase K, Miyazaki T, Shiraishi T, Alpert EClin Chim Acta 1981 Dec 117:289-96Abstract A radioimmunoassay was developed for the direct quanti...
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