Standing out in the field of IgY Immunotechnology

Gallus Immunotechwas founded in 1994 to promote the remarkable and humane process of developing polyclonal antibodies in chickens. Chickens produce an immunoglobulin (IgY), which can be isolated from blood or egg yolk. As a tool in proteomics and diagnostics, there are many reasons to choose a chicken to produce your polyclonal antibody.

As well as producing custom IgY on a one-time basis or continuously, we also offer our clients a complete peptide antibody service: advice on peptide sequence selection, peptide synthesis, conjugation and, if desired affinity purification and labelling of anti-peptide. Perhaps you are interested in commercializing your custom antibody? With your permission, we will list your custom IgY on our website and you will receive a portion of the revenue. Please contact us for further details.

A selection of secondary reagents (anti-chicken immunoglobulins), including an anti-IgY immunoprecipitation reagent (anti-IgY agarose) is available. You may also be interested in our "off the shelf" antibodies made in chickens. Please wander through our "Chicken antibodies to..." catalogue. You may order by phone, fax or on-line or contact a distributor in your area.

Gallus Immunotech also manufactures a high-yielding chicken antibody IgY purification kit (Eggspress IgY Purification Kit). It is less expensive than other kits on the market and obtains a higher yield of IgY per gram of egg yolk.

Please browse through our products and services. Want to learn more about IgY? Our "About IgY" section describes IgY and compares avian immunoglobulins to mammalian immunoglobulins as well as providing experimental protocols that we use in the lab. We also archive abstracts of many published papers that have used or studied avian antibodies. Have a look at the list of scientific publications that have used our products too.  For your convenience, we have provided an order form and contact information. We invite your enquiries.

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